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I want to be healthier, but where do I start?

Like many people, you want to be healthy, but your family, your job, or social media information overload is preventing you from starting and sticking to a routine. Like I mentioned in my first post, healthy looks different to everyone. And it’s your responsibility to evaluate your habits and make […]

how to have mindful conversations

When was the last time you had a mindful conversation with someone? Do you remember it? How did you feel after the conversation? What did you do immediately after you left that conversation? What do you think about that person who you had that conversation with? Do you wish you […]

Chioma Atanmo

mindful meditation for beginners

Meditation can be intimidating. It’s being talked about everywhere but how do you know where to start, or if this is something for you? Let me start off by saying… Meditation is not a fixed point. It is not a thing we can touch, nor a race with a finish […]

Dear Skinny Tea Scam Industry…

Dear Skinny Teas, I know it’s easy to prey on the insecurities of people, women especially. You preach quick fixes and magic formulas (because that’s what we like to hear), but we all know they don’t exist. Throw some money and an attractive celebrity or influencer holding or wearing your […]